Crakmedia World leader
in Performance Marketing

Their team is composed of over 170 skilled marketers and communicators, media buyers, data analysts, inspired designers, and IT experts. With their rapidly growing team, they strive to constantly go beyond current trends as a leader within the digital marketing industry.

It regroups three business verticals:

  • A media buy team managing over 12 billion impressions monthly
  • An affiliate network regrouping 100,000 webmasters, social media and email marketers, as well as SEO specialists
  • An influencer network launched in 2021 that is perfectly aligned with the new content creators economy.


All together, they offer an unmatched reach to any company willing to promote its products or services. Creativity and innovation are the driving forces behind each of the decisions, and they work tirelessly to combine the power of data analysis to the world of web marketing creating effective, eye-catching marketing campaigns.


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