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HR Tips: Remote work and well-being

Discover 5 tips to stay productive by cultivating a sense of well-being while working from home.

Well-being From Home: A Concept at Your Fingertips

Like most businesses across the province, Crakmedia has adapted to the pandemic by implementing numerous measures to comply with public health guidelines over the past year. Out of those measures, the change that affected us the most, like many, was the shift from working in the office to working from home. 

For many, teleworking is a foreign concept that requires constant adaptation, and it seems that this approach will be around for a while, at least for the next few weeks! So how do you ensure productivity without getting lost in a still unstable routine? 

The CRHA (Ordre des Conseillers en Ressources Humaines Agréés) offers 7 key steps to conquer working from home. Ready to take notes? Here’s a quick summary of our 5 favorite tips!


  1. Cultivate a climate of trust

    It is essential to take the time to assess your emotions throughout your workday. This will not only allow you to optimize your energy but also to avoid burning your fuel too quickly. 

    Empathy and tolerance are also key elements that should be prioritized at all times, whether towards yourself or your colleagues. In the end, everyone benefits from taking a step back to build even stronger trust.


  2. Maintain a professional image

    The CRHA suggests a few tips to achieve such a result: avoid hands-free calls to reduce background noises, ensure the use of an appropriate background, keep a calm and straightforward tone… However, we suggest keeping in mind the context that each company establishes, especially within a specific team or department. 

    At Crakmedia, for example, we strive to cultivate a relaxed, warm and welcoming atmosphere, aiming to reduce the stress of maintaining an overly rigid image. If you have any doubts, never hesitate to contact your manager to establish clear guidelines.


  3. Be clear and concise

    Being able to synthesize is a crucial element in teleworking. It’s essential to maintain a clear view of your tasks and objectives and to remain productive even when working remotely. As we know, each person’s attention span is uniquely limited, so minimizing the time allotted for presentations and meetings prevents you from draining your own as well as your colleagues’ energy.


  4. Communicate and share

    When working from home, it is more difficult for your colleagues and managers to evaluate your progress, making it harder to get recognition for your work. Don’t be afraid to showcase your strengths and your achievements within your team simply by putting forward your ideas or suggestions. 

    Communicate regularly with your colleagues and managers! This will relieve the pressure resting on your shoulders, avoiding unnecessary stress and questioning that may not be necessary after all! Effective communication is always the key to a healthy work environment.


  5. Listen to yourself

    The primary benefit of working remotely is the increased flexibility that many people can now enjoy, especially when it comes to your work schedule. Take advantage of it! It’s the ideal situation for balancing your professional and personal life. Don’t hesitate to take breaks and split your work into several 60 or 90-minute sessions. Adjust your schedule according to when you feel most productive. It’s a win-win situation!

And… breathe!

It’s easy to put off making the necessary adjustments to enhance your well-being while working from home, but there’s still time to establish a routine that will be more than beneficial to you personally and professionally.

To discover the CRHA’s additional secrets to a more productive work-from-home life, be sure to check out their infographic here.

Work-life balance is vital at Crakmedia, so if you’re ready to start a fulfilling career while enjoying the perks of a warm, welcoming team of coworkers, check out our career section and apply now! 


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