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Marketing Trend: Influencer Marketing

Unleashing the Power of Influence

We can’t help but feel a great sense of pride looking back at our accomplishments over the last 15 years. Crakmedia Network keeps growing, and we keep on securing our leading position among the web marketing industry’s best players. Our international company pursues its world conquest and deploys more efforts and energy to develop an increasingly important part of our expertise: Influencer Marketing.

Keep reading to learn more about our perspective.  

Building trustful relationships

It’s difficult to quantify influencer marketing, but it remains a practice that is undoubtedly gaining ground. 

This momentum is particularly favored by growing audiences and engagement within influencers’ communities, resulting in an increased influence potential.

Already a leader in performance marketing and web traffic monetization, Crakmedia is now building a worldwide network of quality influencers to promote the products and services in its portfolio, with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Several industry players, such as the Digital Marketing Institute, agree that influencers’ traffic is currently the fastest-growing online customer acquisition method. As a result, the value of this industry alone will have reached $10B by 2020.

But how can we ensure its sustainability?

Whether you are working with world-renowned celebrities or nano-influencers with small but highly engaged communities, one thing above all else must prevail: trust

Just as our relationships with our international network of professional marketers must go beyond pure transactionality and be rooted in long-term partnerships. Managing a world-class pool of influencers requires a certain level of humanity, availability, and excellent listening skills.

A web marketing company can expect that the influencer has already acquired his community’s trust during negotiations, which is often true. However, the work doesn’t stop there; we have a crucial role to play. 

In turn, we must build trust between our clients and our influencers to allow an actual exchange between the brand and its prospects, previously informed… and influenced!

In other words, we must build strong bridges between supply and demand and make today’s influencers our ambassadors of tomorrow. 

Ensuring transparency

Being a social media influencer is quickly becoming a profession, and the market evolves at an impressive rate. 

Meanwhile, the partnership’s ambiguity between influencers and brands tends to fade as legitimate practices become formal requirements. So it becomes essential for each stakeholder to be honest and inform the target audience of the relationship for a successful influence marketing campaign

Indeed, from a sales perspective, a campaign is successful when the influencer’s conveyed message converts into a purchase decision within his community. 

Our experience shows that an honest and transparent approach will benefit everyone, maximizing sales and customer satisfaction. Needless to say, online shopping behaviors are significantly changing with the current situation.

Preserving the consumer’s trust and spreading a clear message is the best way to adapt to these transformations and foster our influencer marketing campaigns’ sustainability.

In that spirit, Crakmedia Network aims to lead the next phase of influencer marketing and put its 15+ years of expertise to the benefit of the greatest number.

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