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Remote Work:
For or Against?

The Era of Remote Work and its Impact on Company Culture

Working remotely seems to be all we hear about these days. Is it here to stay? Do people prefer it to in-person work? How can we integrate it into our daily lives while maintaining a certain balance? 

At Crakmedia, our president Nicolas Chretien says so himself, “Working from home, in balance with [our] life and needs as a business, is here to stay.”

Teleworking is now an ongoing practice within our team, but it’s had a fascinating impact on our operations over the past few months. We often discuss the topic on an individual level, but what about the bigger picture of this new approach? 


Working From Home and Recruitment

When we take a few minutes to look over the benefits that working from home has brought to our company, the first thing we notice is the most obvious: remote work has allowed us, as it has for many, to expand our hiring network and reach out to new talents both provincially and internationally. Without this new approach, we wouldn’t have had access to this richer-than-ever resource. 

At Crakmedia, our priority has always been to locate the best talent for each of our teams, and remote recruiting has made this task much easier. The lesson we’ve learned is simple: the sky’s the limit when it comes to finding digital marketing experts to join our company. 

Whether in Quebec, France, Guadeloupe, or the United States, everyone is welcome in our constantly evolving team. 


ùremote Work: A Technological Leap

In recent years, there have been many breakthroughs in the technical devices available to businesses. But for us, a previously 100% in-person work schedule allowed us to maintain a more grounded approach to communication within the office.

Ironically, a transition to working from home has greatly and positively impacted our office life. In order to accommodate this new way of working, we’ve focused on adjusting our meeting rooms and office organization in order to allow us the option to see our colleagues at all times, whether they’re at home or not!

Our goal was to integrate remote working as smoothly as possible into our routine. Whether an employee is working from home or the office, we want to keep operations running smoothly for both the employee and their colleagues. This is what allows us to put emphasis on the word of the hour: flexibility

Teleworking was the incentive we needed to take this next technological step. We are more than eager to discover how we will continue to evolve and adapt to this changing reality.


Remote Working and Corporate Culture

Working remotely, combined with being confined to one’s home, has also pushed us to be creative in a crucial aspect of our company’s culture: socializing.

Crakmedia is a large, tightly-knit team, and it’s essential to be able to see each other often in order to maintain strong and lasting ties

That’s why maintaining a full and diverse social calendar is a top priority. Working from home has pushed us to come up with new ideas: online cooking classes, remote mixology lessons, intra-company talent contests… just to name a few. 

One could say that remote working has ultimately helped us form even stronger connections within the company. This is no easy feat; however, the perseverance and experience of our administrative teams have made all the difference. 


A Universal Experience

It’s clear that our vision of working from home is consistent with many opinions that have been shared on the subject over the past few months.

Flexible adaptation is the name of the game, as is listening to each person to ensure that we can adapt to their needs. We simply aim to provide options that work for everyone, regardless of their situation. This seems to be a common goal for many companies, and it’s certainly nice to witness!

Everyone appreciates the ability to choose what best fits their needs. Some people enjoy doing a load of laundry between meetings or going for a walk with their dog during their lunch hour. Others prefer the opportunity to get out of the house and chat with their colleagues in person over a cup of coffee. 

One thing is certain: at Crakmedia, remote working has given us the opportunity to make quick changes that have helped promote a balance between life and work.

What impacts have you seen in your business life as a result of teleworking? 

Are you ready to join a team that lets you choose how you want to work?


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